SIMAY KOM, Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Uzbekistan, 100031 ashkent
st. Y. Radjabiy, 14
Tel.: (998 71) 252-15-91
(998 98) 809-15-91
Fax: (998 71) 252-15-91

Lawyer firm SIMAY KOM welcomes you.

About the firm:

SIMAY KOM Lawyer Firm is registered when due hereunder by the Republic of Uzbekistan Ministry of Justice organs in 1999.Constitutors and main personnel of the Firm are engaged in the practical juricprudence.

The Firm is specializing in legal service of subject enterprise , businessmen, state organs private organizations. All attorneys of the Firm have the maximum legal formation, the licenses attorney at law and are the competent experts having deep theoretical knowledge and wide experience of practical activity in sphere of the jurisprudence.

The Firm strictly observes ethics, loyalty and confidentiality in respect of the clients.The Firm in its activity uses the advanced reaching of science, engineering, methods and means of legal work.

The Lawyer firm SIMAY KOM render following judicial services:

  • Consulting on the Republic of Uzbekistan Civil, Tax, Labour and Economical Procedure Laws on the International Law;
  • Advising to taxation;
  • Consulting on the International Law;
  • Working out of any kinds of agreements, contracts, covenants, local documents;
  • Preparation of claims and actions on economical and civil disputes, of answers on claims and recalls on actions;
  • Conduction of cases in economical courts for recovery debts, defence of property and non-property rights and interests of enterprises, establishments, organizations;
  • The legal help on defence of intellectual property and registration of trade-mark;
  • Preparation of documents for state registration of any the persons of law;
  • The legal help in state registration of new enterprises, establishments and organizations of any patterns of ownership, including commercial and noncommercial organizations, enterprise with foreign investments;
  • Preparation of documents for accreditation of foreign commercial organizations and documents for state registration of foreign and international non-commercial organizations representative offices;
  • The legal help in accreditation of foreign and international organizations representative offices and documents for registration of foreign and international non-commercial organizations representative offices;
  • Current juridical service of managing subjects;
  • Consultation on citizenship issues arrival and staying foreigns in the Republic of Uzbekistan visit abroad and staying of citizens of Republic Uzbekistan.